Take care, People

Fink (bass and backing vocals), Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, progframming, percussion), and Pontius (drums, extra percussions) = Foster the People // Photo credit: fosterthepeople.com
Even though the weather wasn't in their favor, last June 12, the most popular indie group of the year, Foster the People, with Kimbra and Tokyo Police, performed at Canal Lachine for the pleasure of the Montrealers. 
The first part of the concert was divided in two parts: the first group to performed was the talented New Zealander Kimbra, who is best known for her collaboration on Gotye's hit track "Somebody I Used to know". To be honest with you, she owns the scene. She dances, she sings high notes, and she dances some more. The crowd couldn't ask for more. She spoke in French to the crowd to "practice it, because [she] doesn't have time to practice it any where else!" Her performance was breathtaking, especially when she recorded her voice to create a beat, and afterward performed "Settle Down". 
The second music group was Tokyo Police. The crowd really got into their music. They warmed up the Foster the People's fans. A great way to forget the rain dropping down from the dark sky. Like the lead singer David Monks said, "a shitty day turns out to be a good one." 
After a couple of songs, Tokyo Police thanked the crowd to let the Californian group take over the stage. They had quite the installation. A screen in a shape of a sun was hanging on the left of the stage, with two other screens on the right side. A big poster of a urban view's drawing was in the background of the scene with the name everybody was screaming in the crowd: Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, and Cubbie Fink were about to perform. They came up on the stage, welcomed by 5000 screaming fans. 
They performed all their songs from their first, and only album Torches, along with songs that weren't on their album. 
People were singing along, jumping up, and down, and begging for more songs. Foster brought a weird phenomenon here, in Montreal. As soon as their performance started, it stopped to rain and the crowd was able to fully enjoy their performance without a worry in the world, like if they brought the warm and sunny feeling of California.
During the call-back, they performed their most famous track, "Pumped Up Kicks", and they finished the show with a remix of the song. Foster was running left and right on the stage, like if the show just started. "Merci beacoup everyone," they said at the end. No, thanks to you, Foster.
Overall, I think it was the best show I ever went to. Mark Foster's voice was ringing in everyone's ear after the concert. It's a must.

Fun fact: Their first group name was originally "Foster AND the People," but the fans understood "Foster the People." They liked the word play "taking care of the people," and they decided to keep it like this.

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