Confession: Superhero movies

Yes, there are... // Photo credit: nerdapproved.com
Yes, I feel bad. I feel SO bad, I want to apologize to you, dear reader. I cannot betray my feelings. Yes, I thought this through, but I have no more regrets and I can now say it loud, and clear: The Avengers is just like any other superhero movies (now, I know someone who's happy about this... you know who you are, and I bow before you). 
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it, and the special effects were top-notch, but some things didn't make sense, at ALL. 
The best example I can give you is The Hulk. Yes, the green monster for the people who didn't catch his name. Isn't he suppose to be angry at everybody? Like in EVERYONE, or EVERY HUMAN-BEING? He was attacking Thor, and the Black Widow... but when there's the big fight scene, Dr. Banner can control him now. Is it me or this doesn't make any sense? Huh?
Second problem, the "line delivery" (acting) was a bit... hum... cliché? "From now on... we're (music) at war," or "Oh my God, Loki... Thor's brother!" That's just pathetic. I know it's to situate people on who's who, but the way they put it in the script, and the way the actor said it, it doesn't quite work.
I know everyone I know thought it was a great movie, and I heard so many good things about it... but I was disappointed by it (not Twilight-disappointed, but another kind of let down). The storyline was the same as every other superhero movies. The bad guy comes in, the superhero struggles, something good happens, something bad happens, victory seems unachievable, superhero wins at the end, happy ending. The end.
The only superhero movie I can watch without this storyline is The Dark Knight, and you know it.

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