Sweet Pirate's Heart

Béatrice Martin, a.k.a. Coeur de Pirate // Photo credit: nightlife.ca

Last Friday, Béatrice Martin, also known as Coeur de Pirate, had tears in her eyes as she watched the crowd in the Métropolis applauding her performance, song after song.
Accompanied by the guitar, the drums, the double bass and violin for a couple of songs, Coeur de Pirate’s fingers touched the piano’s black and white keys. Throughout the show, she inserted a smile or two during her songs, making her even cuter then she already is.
Her music was making the nostalgic crowd dance gently from right to left on their feet. Although there was approximately 2500 people in the room, it felt like a private show and it was like every songs were sang specially to every one of us.
It started with Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval and Les Voix boréales singing “Lève les voiles”, first track on her new album Blonde. The room was completely silent to fully enjoy the sweet voices of the young singers.
After, Coeur de Pirate took the stage and sang songs from her first and second album. The crowd (composed especially of girls of all ages) sang along with her throughout the show.
After 20 minutes of upbeat love songs, she announced that we have come to the sad part of the show. She sat at her piano, and started to play melancholic and slow melodies. I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes and I was about to cry. It was so beautiful.
When she was about to sing “C’était Salement Romantique”, she gave permission to the couples to kiss. This permission gave the crowd a laugh and a reason to enjoy the moment they are having with their loved one or their friends.
At the “end” of the show, the crowd asked for an encore VERY LOUDLY. She came back and sat, again, at her piano. She asked us what we wanted to hear. This was a bad idea, because asking this to a room of 2500 people, you can “stay there two hours and still don’t have an idea what to play,” Coeur de Pirate said.
She “finished” her show with her two most popular songs, “Comme des Enfants” from her first album named after her stage name, and “Adieu” from her second album. The crowd burst into applause and as they couldn’t get enough, they asked for a second encore.
Coeur de Pirate came back on the stage, and didn’t know what to do or what to play. She sat, for the last time, at her piano and did acoustic versions of songs already played during the show, with the crowd (still) singing along with her.
When she bowed at the end, I thought that this was maybe one of the best shows I ever saw and if you don’t know Coeur de Pirate, you should, because you’ll fall in love with her… voice.

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