Academy Awards 2012 ON THE SPOT

Cool Guy in Gold  // Photo Credit: movieblog.mtv.com

I'm just writing what goes on in my head for the moment after watching the Oscars, but I will surely add some of my thoughts later. This is just my first impressions after:I prepared myself some popcorn for the event where people celebrate one of the most important thing in... well my live: the Academy Awards. I was SO thrilled to see who will win!

Overall, I thought it was a really beautiful ceremony. Although I didn't catch some jokes made by Billy Crystal, I though he surely could handle silences and make people laugh without doing... well, not very much! The decor was absolutely magnificent! The book of music sheets and the screens... WOW! It was beautifully well done.

I. Was. So. Happy. For. Jean DUJARDIN! I LOVE him. I knew him before The Artist, and he can actually act, because he played in several movies where, well, maybe the story wasn't the best story in the world. He played in Brice de Nice, which is one of the most stupid movie I saw in my life*, OSS 117, which I didn't saw entirely, because I just didn't like the humor; I don't know... Maybe I will give it another try!

I was also happy when Meryl Streep received her award. Both my parents were crying because they are big fans of Meryl. I thought her speech was great and really touching. I love her.

I couldn't believe Octavia Spencer won best supporting actress. She was really good in The Help and this award was well deserved. Bravo Octavia!

Also, a big round of applause for Christopher Plummer! He deserved it. He was great in Beginners. I love him, and he lived in the province of Quebec for awhile when he was young so... *Blog Five*

That's all for now. I'm going to bed now. xoxo

*In a good way!

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