New Segment!

I though about segments I could do from time to time about new artists and make people discover new faces. I called this kind of post "NEW ARTIST", which is SUPER original, I know. I got plenty of music on my iPod, I have music for everybody. Don't worry, it's not going to be always be jazz... maybe most of the time. But you know... I can't help it!

Vows Album Cover // Photo credit: bigw.com.au
The first artist for my new "type" of post is called Kimbra.

Originated from New Zealand, her music is a mix of soul, alternative and jazz. It's not very very jazzy, but you can sense a little bit of it in some of her songs. She wrote almost all her songs in her first album Vows, which is unfortunately, only available in New Zealand and Australia. I know, bummer. BUT, her EP "Settle Down" is available on iTunes. Advice: buy it. Totally worth it.

More information:
Facebook page
Official Site

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