The Official Rules of "Lord of The Rings Drinking Game"

(Note: This game is for the 18+ in Canada and 21+ in USA... well you know guys... these ARE the rules! All credits for this game go to my friend Jill and her siblings.)

Duration time: It depends which The Lord of the Rings you watch or how many The Lord of The Rings you watch.
Number of players: 2 to infinity (not just one... otherwise it's sad.)
Material: You and your friend[s], alcohol (drinks or beers)
(Note: shots are for professional, you'll get drunk too fast and you shall not pass.)

How to play:
Each player gives themselves a name from a character in the movie. If someone call someone else by their real name, they have to drink.

Every time one of these things happen in the film, you have to drink.

1. When Gandalf (the grey or the white) says something wise.
2. When Legolas says something poetic.
3. When there's a joke on dwarves or elves.
4. When Gimli and Legolas compete against one another.
5. When everything is hopeless.
6. When Aragorn says something in elvish.
7. When Merry and Pippin are courageous.
8. When you see the eye of Sauron.
9. When swords are drew.
10. For the courageous: If you quote someone during the movie and you have ALL the words, you choose 3 people and they have to drink. If you miss or exchange some words, for every word missed, you have to drink. 
(You can add many more, but try to play with these rules...!)

You can adapt it to other movies. For example, if you watch "Superbad", every time someone says "F*ck", you drink.

Have fun and drink responsibly! 

Your beloved crazy journalist. xoxo

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