CD Review: Kisses On the Bottom

If you like listening to jazz music while studying, or if you are preparing a romantic dinner for your loved-one, you must add Paul McCartney’s new album Kisses On the Bottom to your playlist. Kiss On the Bottom was released on time for Valentine’s Day. It marks McCartney’s 16th solo album and also his return since Memory Almost Full, which came out in June 2007. 

Released last Tuesday, this album is mostly tributes to songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s that McCartney’s parents use to listen to when he was a little boy. On this album, McCartney covers songs by Fats Waller, Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Austin, and many more. 

Consisting of 16 tracks, the album includes covers of “I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”, with a touch of romantic piano, “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, which can make your head follow the rhythm of the song, and “Home (When Shadows Fall)”, a very slow song with a touch of violin. “My Valentine” and the re-release of a Wings song from his 1978 album Back To The Egg, “Baby’s Request” are original romantic songs signed Sir McCartney. 

“My One and Only Love” might be the best song that you can find on the CD. This cover of Frank Sinatra’s song with beautiful lyrics such as “The very thought of you makes my heart sing/ Like an April breeze on the wings of spring/ And you appear in all your splendour/ My one and only love” are well accompanied by the piano and Sir Paul’s sweet voice. McCartney contributes only vocals to the album, except on two tracks, "Get Yourself Another Fool" and "The Inch Worm," in which he plays acoustic guitar. 

With the collaboration of Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Diana Krall, Kisses On the Bottom exceeds all expectations. 

When I started to listen to it, I didn’t know what to expect, but I realized that McCartney does justice to every cover he does on this album. No wonder why this album is the second most popular album on iTunes at this moment. If I may say, this jazzy album rocks!

Note: 8.5/10

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