And a "Oh-So Lonely Day" to you too!

The flowers are fresh, the chocolates are in their heart-shaped box, the teddy bears are well fluffed: yes, Valentine's Day is upon us. 

Today is obviously the day that every single person consider... as normal as the other 364 days in the year (except maybe Christmas or HALLOWEEN... St. Patrick's Day for the Irish folks).
 I seriously thought that on Valentine's day, my "prince charmant" (as they are not very "charmant" these days) will come and pour his heart in song for me on the 14th of February. It's been 8 Valentine's Day and he still hasn't showed up to the occasion. I don't mind, but if he comes up someday, I will slap him in the face...

In college, the Student Union sends condoms instead of flowers to whoever you want. I don't feel thrilled about getting a condom in front of my whole class, so if I don't get one, yey for me.
 To kick off this "oh-so romantic" day, I decided to watch "Bridget Jones' Diary" at 12 a.m. Just to sing "All By My Self" with Bridget.
(Note to men: Don't believe the big fight scenes in action movies. Totally unrealistic. Watch Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fight scene... That's how men SHOULD fight in films.) 

Unfortunately, I didn't had wine to drink while watching Bridget and her love life. But I did had Swedish berries (thanks to my beloved brother), but damn it unfortunately again, they tasted a bit like soap.

Like I said, today was the most normal day of the year and nothing happened. Now I can get excited for Spring Break. 

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