Lack of time

The name says it all. Between school, the college newspaper (I didn't tell you! I'm the Arts Editor!), work and my sweetheart, I don't have time to sit and write. 
I did wrote an editorial, but it wouldn't be appropriate to post it here. So here are the articles I would've write if I had time:

1. Passion Pit Concert: It was insane. Really really good. I am gonna write a top 5 soon on this, you'll see why.
2. Half Moon Run Concert: it was in a church... and it was memorable. 
3. Daft Punk Ad: Euh... wow. I can't wait to hear more than 15 seconds of awesomeness!
4. Jamie Lidell's New Album: It is mind-blowing!
5. Jill Barber's New Album: (See comment above)
6. Upcoming concert reviews: Breakbot, Jill Barber and She & Him. 

There you go, that's three months in less than a post. 
I'll be back soon!

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