CJ Top 5: Reasons I Hate Christmas

Outside is getting colder and colder, malls get their green, red and gold decorations out and Glee’s Christmas episode’s airing is expected soon: you know exactly where I’m going with this.
            Every year, it’s always the same thing and Christmas after Christmas, at our age, we start to be a bit tired of the same routine. Yes, it is a period of joy, but sometimes, it is hard to be happy when the same issues come year after year. So here there are: my five reasons why one should hate Christmas time.

     1. Music

This bitch never gets tired of playing, does she? Christmas music is the first sign of when public places go Santi Claws. The problem here is that it’s ALWAYS the SAME songs, and new versions come out every year (thanks Bieber). This year is worst than ever, because I work at a music store, and I might develop a mental illness by the end of December.  The only bearable new Christmas album is the one by Michael Bublé. What? He’s Canadian! Ok, I may have a crush on him…

2. Last minute shopping

Oscar Wilde once said, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Well, this quote doesn’t apply for people during Christmas time. Most people always buy their Christmas presents a few days before St. Nicholas makes his round. Chaos reigns in the stores. Everything is messy, because people go crazy and they are all in a hurry. Learn from your mistakes and stop procrastination before the big day.

3. The same parties

Family parties are always the same thing. You say hello to everyone, you talk to your cousins, depending on your family, you might play games, you open the presents before or after eating, people get drowsy, and they leave. I’ve been to the same family parties for the past 19 years. They are usually fun until you are 12. Past that, you get tired of the same routine.

4. Boxing day

Wow, what a waste of a day. People jump on top of each other. Lines that never finish and parking lots with angry drivers: people! The real deals happen during January! So stop fighting at Best Buys and stay in bed on December 26.

5. Putting on weight

Maybe you shouldn’t have taken another portion of that good roast beef eh? People start complaining about their weight and they always say, “Ok, I know my New Year’s resolution for the next year: I’m gonna go to the gym and I’ll be super fit!” And then, they eat and eat until January 1 and subscribe to the gym. Simple solution: watch what you eat! Ask for smaller portions, and go back if you want more. Hosts love it when you go back for more.

            Learn from your mistakes and this Christmas might not be like the others. Have an awesome Holiday time!

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