Is the Force with you?

Zoooooooooooooooooooom // Photo taken by CJ

You’ll think the Force is with you when you get out of theStar Wars: Identities Exposition at Montreal Science Center. Although it won’t be the case, you’ll at least be able to say that you created your own Star Wars character, because during your journey through the exhibition, you are the hero.
The whole exposition revolves around the theme of identity, and how the environment we lived in as children, our entourage, and our values built who we are and justify the decisions we have to take during the course of our lives.
When you’re about to enter the exposition area, you are loaned a bracelet and a little radio, in which you can hear narration in different parts of the exposition if you step in certain zones. As for the bracelet, you’ll use it to create your identity by scanning it at different places on the exhibition floor.
Throughout your visit, you’ll have to go over 10 identity stations to choose your race, your hereditary background, how you were raised, your planet, your mentor, your occupation, and many more to create your character. For example, you can decide to be a Gungan from Naboo and your mentor is Han Solo, or an Ewok from Endor with Boba Fett as mentor.
Between the identity stations, you’ll be able to admire the original costumes, space ship models and drawings of George Lucas’ world. Also, videos are presented to explain how Anakin and Luke became such different people, despite the fact they grew up on the same planet and shared similar genetic makeup.
For the true Star Wars fan, you’ll be amazed and maybe become hysterical when you enter.   It also teaches you a lot about the film and the whole process of identity behind the story. As for the “not-so” Star Wars maniacs, you may find the exhibition boring if it wasn’t for the creation of your own character part. But, you may enjoy the experience, and be seduced by this whole new world.
Overall, the exhibition is so cool, it’s worth spending another $23 to go back. You’ll feel like a child in there, and you’ll see if you’re the type of person who’s tempted by the dark side of the Force… aside from that, the Star Wars’ songs will be stuck in your head the rest of your day (Ta-ta TA! TatataTA)! The exhibit will be running until Sept. 16.
Now, carry on, and may the force be with you.

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