CD Review: The End Of That

On Feb. 28, the Montreal-based group Plants and Animals released their third album, The End of That, and as it turned out, it’s pretty much a mix between country and folk, with a touch of indie-rock. This album seems like coming out of the ‘65 and ‘75. It’s good, it’s soft and the guitar is just magnificent for your ears.

The album’s title represents a new beginning for the group. According to an interview for Voir Magazine, the group’s members each have their own problems in their personal life and decided that they will do an album to be proud of. 

If you are considering doing a road trip, this is the perfect album to bring with you.
Including 13 tracks, The End of That is like a wave: some songs are upbeat, and some are slower and calmer. “The End of That”, country song about a man who does coke and sees everything falling apart, “Song for Love”, an upbeat song and “Crisis!”, a song with a very catchy melody, are songs part of the new album.

The song “Lightshow” makes you listens closely to what the singer is saying. The melody is catchy and kind of depressive. The lyrics are well thought: “Dizzy in the morning / And I'm shaking in the afternoon / There's never no warning / When it's gonna hit”. It lets you think about the lyrics’ meaning.

In my opinion, Plants and Animals new CD reminds me of a mix between U2 and Coldplay. It makes you travel to California’s beaches, but also to Montreal and its white coat at the same time. It’s magic, and it makes you think. 

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