Concert Review: Australian Pink Floyd Show

Green laser everywhere!!! // Photo source: newhampshire.com

Last Friday, the Bell Center welcomed the mystical Pink Floyd… at least you would think it was them: the Australian Pink Floyd Show, a tribute band to the legendary group, performed in front of a room packed with psychedelic rock lovers and amazed the crowd with their light show, their 3-hour musical performance and their humongous inflating balloons (a teacher, a kangaroo and a pig).
            Formed in 1988, the Australian Pink Floyd has travelled around the world for more than 24 years with the same members, show after show.
            Only two minutes into their first song, “In the Flesh,” you could see people in front of you sharing the substance that will make you find the meaning of life by listening to their music.
            The Aussie Floyd also performed “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” “Pigs,” “The Happiest Day of Our Lives” and of course, “Another Brick In The Wall,” which was cheered by the whole crowd who stood up to enjoy it even more. There was also an inflating teacher on stage, dancing to the rhythm of the song.
            The second part of the show got more reaction from the crowd, considering that not all Pink Floyd’s fans know the songs from the albums “A Momentary Lapse of Reason,” “Animals” and “Division Bell,” which were played during the first half of the show.
            After the 20-minute intermission, the tribute band performed “Echoes,” a song that lasted 25 minutes. This was followed by “Time,” which got a very positive reaction from the crowd when the clocks started to ring loudly.
            It’s during “The Great Gig In The Sky” that we would know what the back vocals girls could do, because it requires a very big vocal effort from them. The first singer, Emily Lynn, was… not very good, but Lorelei McBroom and Lara Smiles were just on the note. Their performance resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd.
            Afterward, they finally played “Wish You Were Here,” a very touching song, with images of the original five appearing on the round screen. The green laser that lighted up the Bell Center all through the show split to mimic guitar strings and went on and off depending on the chords the guitarist David D. Fowler was playing.
            They ended their show with “Comfortably Numb,” a performance that finished with a bang.
            After they left the stage, the audience was asking for an encore to the sound of the Montreal’s famous “Olé, olé olé!” They played “Run Like Hell,” which was perfect for the end of the show. The crowd sang its repetitive lyric “run, run, run” and singer Alex McNamara clapped in his hand and the crowd followed his example.
            Overall, this kind of show is not for everyone. You cannot do head banging or dance like there’s no tomorrow: you have to listen and take it all in. You also had to watch, because the light show was breath taking. This is why we would think Pink Floyd was on stage. The Aussie Floyd is able to keep Pink Floyd alive.

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