Album Review: Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg // Photo source: danceyrselfclean.com/introducing/jake-bugg

Last Oct. 15, Jake Bugg, a very talented artist from Nottingham, released his first self-titled debut album, which might take over the world, considering his special style, reminding us of a mix between The Beatles and Bob Dylan.
Bugg is only 18 and he seems to come from another decade. His voice sounds like Bob Dylan’s and sometimes like John Lennon’s. His melodies change between Johnny Cash’s and The Beatles’. All of these artists have been great influences on his music. His country/folk album contains 14 wonderful short and sweet tracks and every song has its own style.
            Like a lot of artist, Bugg’s songs talk about love, but he adds the theme of men’s concerns on this matter. In “Someone Told Me,” Bugg’s fingers pinch every strings of his guitar like Dylan would do. His lyrics “Am I crazy or am I blind?/ Someone told me I’m out my mind/ Someone told me a girl I liked/ Fell in love and all I did was cry/ Someone hold me I’m done with this game/ Said I’m sorry, but I’m not to blame, what a shame,” are sang with all Bugg’s heart, like a love letter.
            Of course, not all of the album songs are romantic one. “Lighting Bolt,” one of his first singles, “Trouble Town,” which has a Johnny Cash melody and “Seen It All” are his most upbeat rock’n’roll songs that makes your head tilted from left to right and your shoulder go up and down to the rhythm of the song.
            “I drink to remember/ I smoke to forget," Bugg sings in “Two Fingers.” This song is probably his less folky song and more alternative rock. He’s basically flipping off the world before moving on. As he says in his lyrics, “So I hold two fingers up to yesterday/ Light a cigarette and smoke it all away/ I got out, I got out, I’m alive and I’m here to stay,” this song his about saying goodbye to your problems and moving forward.
            Overall, Bugg’s first LP is flawless. As mentioned earlier, if you like The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, you will love Jake Bugg. He’s definitely an artist to watch carefully and with great interest. Maybe he will make folk music more popular to the teenagers of today, who generally prefer hip-hop, dance and indie music?

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