CD Review: Coexist

Coexist by The xx... BOOOOUM

On Sept. 10, the English indie pop band, The xx, released their second album, Coexist, which basically, kicks asses, in every way.

Londoners Romy Madley Croft, lead guitar and vocals, Oliver Sim, bass guitar and vocals, and Jamie Smith, beats and producer, also known as Jamie xx, come back in force for this great album, which has basically the same characteristics as their first hit album, xx, mood-wise.

Croft and Sim’s powerful lyrics based on personal experiences, the bass and The xx’s melancholic beat can be heard on every 12 tracks of the gloomy Coexist, which gives the album all its charm. The lyrics express their mixed emotions throughout the album.
The song “Sunset”, for instance, starts off with many very surprising bass beat, has lyrics such as “I saw you again, it felt like we had never met/ It's like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise/ And what have you done with the one I love,” sang by Croft, with her voice full of sadness.

The second track you have to look for is “Reunion”, which is sung alternatively by Smith and Croft. Its ghost-like rhythm and tones followed by the lyrics, “Reunion, reunion/ Reunion, reunion/ Never not ever, never not ever again/ And it's burning inside 'til you give it up/ How long should I wait?/ There's no need to hide, I let/ Only you in here,” give the song a romantic, but still sad, interpretation of it.

In general, the album is really good. Maybe something different would have been nice for this second great album, but who wouldn’t get enough of the originality of the first CD? The beat is good, the lyrics are genius, and the pictures in the album’s case are very mystical. The xx’s fan wouldn’t ask for more, that’s for sure. Its weirdness and awesomeness, combined in one single music album. It’s a must.

Tips to enjoy the CD to its fullest: listen to it in your car, bass to DA MAX, in your room, with minimum lights, or finally, in the metro, with big headphones. They’ve all been tested and the feeling is awesome. Enjoy!

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