CD Review: La Marquise

On March 20, The Lost Fingers’ Christian Roberge, Byron Mikaloff and Alex Morrissette released their fourth gypsy jazz album La Marquise, and again, they successfully did covers of different francophone songs from here and elsewhere.

The Lost Fingers has this particularity of doing exclusively covers of well-known songs, in French as well as in English. They dig up songs that can be re-appreciated by a public who never heard them before. La Marquise is constituted of 13 covers of songs such as “Alors on danse” by Stromae, “1990” by Jean Leloup and “Joe le taxi” by Vanessa Paradis.

Mikaloff’s guitar, Morrissette’s double bass and Roberge’s guitar and voice make their covers unique and sometimes, their versions are better than the original songs. The way they jazz up the songs change the way you will listen to the songs. For example, in “1990”, as there’s no beat and the dance style of the song has been removed, you can concentrate more on the song’s lyrics and their meaning. It’s quite interesting.

The “Alors on danse” cover was very well done. First, Roberge’s voice catches the essence of the song: misery and stress. Second, you might expect less on them, but they will surprise you on how they brilliantly recreated this electro/pop song with their guitars.

Overall, it’s good, but somehow, their last three albums were much better and the songs were more popular than the one in this fourth album, which might have a great impact on your liking of La Marquise.

If you are interested, all their albums are available on iTunes. Tip: buy them all, even La Marquise. Although it’s not that great, it’s worth spending eight bucks on it. 

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