Hi there,  

Well, well, well... where to begin? Uh? I'm sending this message to in this huge void, (i.e. the web) and I don't know if anyone will receive this message, but here's a start: 
The purpose of this blog is to share my everyday life experience, photos and work with the people around the world. Unfortunately, this is going to be hard, but I will try to post every week.

First thing first, I should present myself...
MJ is my name. Montreal is my hometown. I hate numbers. I wish I could be a vegetarian, but I have a weakness for meat.
I always dreamed to fly, but of course, that will never happen, thanks to gravity. I'm not studying to be a doctor, or an engineer, and I'm not as smart as I want to be... but  I do love cinema, photography, and writing. 
I love watching films... after films... after films... after films. I love the mood before Christmas. I love to take long walks during fall, and hear the leaves cracking under my foot steps. I love the moment during a concert where everybody has a sort of connection.
I always open the Vogue Magazine and think "I will regret this", and I always do when I have my eyes on a new perfume that costs... a lot; or a girl so pretty you want to DIE. I love unwrapping the New York Times and read the art section.
I love life, and I try as hard as I can to enjoy every single minutes of it.
I'm actually studying to be a journalist, and I need you to give your opinion on my works and if you do, well... thanks.